The Situation

In simple terms, the “situation” is when “Original” or “True” New Yorkers are explaining the terms of a story, issue, scenario or any other type of locality.  We always start off with “Here’s the situation” or “This is the situation”.   In this case,   the “Situation” is what we are using to describe what this online Publication(You Me NYC) is all about.  We are published for all New Yorkers by Original New Yorkers.

Featured Articles

HYDR8 | You Me NYC

We Don’t Care We Have HYDR8 Getting to know President & CEO Ralph Marucci and his company.






Baba Abdel R. Salaam | You Me NYC


The DanceAfrica festival this year was absolutely fantastic as usual.






Toni Steelz You Me NYC


Getting to Know ToniSteelz, Brooklyn’s own adult-contemporary hip-hop artist.






Piasha Barua You Me NYC


Getting to know Piasha Barua, College Student, Petite Model and Activist






A Tribe Called Quest You Me NYC


Hip Hop Started out in the Heart





Sophocles Art You Me NYC


Getting to know Sophocles Plokamakis, the Manga artist behind Sophocles Art and coiner of the term and genre “Metro Manga”



You Me NYC



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Tell Me a Story Please You Me NYC

Getting to know Tracey Segarra, award-winning storyteller, producer of a bi-monthly storytelling show, a workshop leader and public speaker.



Phil Harris Designs You Me NYC
Getting to know Phil Harris
, One of New York City’s most influential fashion designers.






Porcha Gordon Ypu Me NYCGetting to know Porcha Gordon Ornamental Ironworker by day and high-fashion model as well.






Pure Samba Lisa Ferreira

Getting to know Lisa Ferreira founder and director of “Pure Samba”, “Fort Greene”, Brooklyn



Starting off the situation by section:

What’s New: That’s exactly it, what’s new in our publication up to the first 10 articles listed in the order published.  Use this section as a quick jump to any single article.

Education in the Apple: Professional training provided by experienced educators whose main goal is to help you succeed in whichever skill you are looking to obtain. Education is the key to a prosperous future.

Events, Events, and More Events:  – If you have an upcoming event in one of our boroughs, we will list if for you right here.


You Me NYC Original

The Gallery:Visual Admiration, This section and sub-section of our publication is dedicated to the New York City Visual Arts community and all of its distinct and various categories.  Bringing art to you from all five boroughs.

Expression Through Movement: – This section of our publication is dedicated to the New York City Dance Community and all of the diverse genres the city and its boroughs have to offer.  From Belly-dance to Samba this where lovers of dance should peruse.

The Melody Chamber: – For the love of Music, from Jazz to Hip-Hop and everything in between, this section of our publication is dedicated to the New York City Music community and all of its music lovers.  Commentary on all types of music coming out of all five boroughs.

Fabulous: – Everything fashion, whether it’s jewelry, clothing and or accessories, here is where you will find the latest trend in all about looking fantastic or “Fabulous”.

Really!!?: – For those moments when you shake your head and say “Really!!?”

What a Scumbag!!!: – Need we say anymore?  Yes we need to, this section of our publication is dedicated to “Scumbags” all over New York City, the boroughs and beyond.  Feel free to Report a “Scumbag” as well.  Keep in mind all submissions are anonymous and will be researched by You Me NYC before anything is published.

Health and Wellness: – We always want to look good and feel good.  All New Yorkers need Motivation to survive in the greatest city in the world.  From Brooklyn to the Bronx, it is never to late to look good and feel good and that’s, what this section of our publication is dedicated to.

Hungry: – This section of our magazine is broken into two areas.   Screw Brunch We Want Breakfast  Which are reviews,  for all of the hidden spots in “the city” “Original New Yorkers” like to go and grab some breakfast.  Real New Yorkers don’t care about brunch, it’s all about breakfast.  Prudent Fine Dining, good food, good, price, and decor.  We don’t need to say anymore.

Business: – Stocks, bonds, currencies, investing, very informative articles provided by Marketdamus.  One of the most trusted minds in the New York City business community.

Staples: – From Iconic Food to classic architecture, this section of our publication is dedicated to the everything emblematic in making New York City and the boroughs what and who they are.

Thoughts: – The ever-changing city and everything that is going on around it and the “Original” New Yorker’s reflection as to what, why, and how it’s happening.

Little Known Facts: – Useless information that everyone craves about our city and our boroughs that everyone seems to find fascinating and astonishing.  Well not really…

Become a Contributor: – We are always looking for talented seasoned New Yorkers that are looking to contribute to our publication and help us grow.

Sports: – Need we say anymore?

The Five Boroughs: – Brooklyn(aka Brooklyn and that’s all it needs to be, however, you can throw the term “crooklyn” around), Queens(aka “the home” the home of Run DMC), Manhattan(aka”the city”), Bronx(aka”the boogie down”) and Staten Island(aka “shaolin” coined by Wu-Tang Clan): – In case you haven’t noticed, “the city” is broken down into five of them, however there is an unofficial sixth borough also known as “the island”.  The proper name is Long Island, we couldn’t possibly forget about “strong island”.

Astor Place: – A short two block street in NOHO(North of Houston)/East Village, in lower Manhattan, Astor Place was named after John Jacob Astor who at the time (1800s) was the wealthiest in the United States.  Blah, Blah, Blah, we knew it and still know it as the street where you can find whatever you need or want, known as “The Place”.  Shop til you drop.