After seeing the Black Panther movie, I was more than excited about the message the movie portrayed. For most people, this movie will go right over their heads. No, I’m not talking about all the comic book fans. I am talking about all the people who believe in the message…Did you see all the subliminal messages in the movie?

Me coming from a fraternal family, and recognizing the distinct signs in the movie had me thinking like hmmmmm. Why was this movie so popular? Let me tell some of the key factors.

Key factor #1: All BLACK cast… Image result for black pantheryes majority all black and I mean beautiful black people. I never seen so many beautiful black people on screen in years. Every movie we have a stance in, gets taken away from us by another character. Seeing men like Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan go against one another and then come back together in the end. Even as family, he still wanted to save him. That was an amazing scene, we still got each other’s back. 

Key factor #2:  A Black Woman as the General, Danai Gurira’s character Image result for women in black panther movieportrayed the power in most Single Black Women households holding it down for the family, her King and her community. No I am not excluding the fathers or other races, let’s be clear, it truly stated how women are running the show.  Her character taught us that we can still love and protect our family, friends and country. I thought that seen between Okoye and W’Kabi was moving…she would kill her own mate to save her country, that pretty much blew me away! We never show that type of power especially in a movie.

Key factor #3: A sense of pride, recognition, education and protection amongst family. Which most black families do anyway! We just don’t show it as much. We go to the end for our family. Many black families don’t realize the power they have because they are afraid to reach their highest potential or they blame other people from getting ahead in life. The role the sister Shuri played by teaching science and technology. That is something we are excellent in…how she created her own lab with all these products to use for the future. Image result for women in black panther movie

Key factor #4: A sense of community and togetherness. I loved Lupita Nyong’o message thoroughout the entire film. That is me all day! I love helping the community strive to their best self. I just wish more people would get involved in the fight for justice, freedom, equality and much more.

Key factor #5: Main key to let everyone know we are here to stay, build, grow, and guide within our nation whether folks like it or not. I was disturbed at the fact that people were upset because we all got dressed up to go see this movie. Why? Are you all upset? Other nationalities get dressed up to go to the theater, concerts, school plays, museums, and much more. I have learned that most folks are afraid to see us in a new light.

Image result

That’s my take on the film and I hope they make a part 2 because it is well deserved. I pray that most individuals who saw the film paid more attention to the message instead of the fight scenes. I pray that our people develop a new attitude and learn more about life, science, technology, and family togetherness.



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