Staaten Eylandt

Staten Island(Staaten Eylandt its Dutch given name meaning “States Island”), it’s that far away place no one goes to visit without a very specific reason. I wanted to see, shoot and be somewhere different, without leaving the state. Staten Island seems like a good place to start.

People didn’t have very much to say about a place you gotta take a boat to get to, except for the fact, that it has the best Italian food. You know its real when a local tells you, “You have to have a reason to visit such a place”. I don’t know why that made me, even more, intrigued to see what goes on over there on the other side. It felt like I was taking a trip to Jersey which is no beef, just feels different when crossing state lines almost like taking a boat to get to another borough. Well, this is the story of the time my friend and I took a trip to Staten Island.

We took the train to Manhattan and got off at Wall Street and walked down by the water. We approached the Governor’s Island Ferry and then the Staten Island Ferry. When we walked inside, it looked almost like a mini airport. We took the escalators upstairs to where a large group of people were waiting to board the boat. It was weird because it reminded me of Penn Station when you’re waiting for them to post the time and the track-number so you can run and get slightly trampled as people run toward the train. I was waiting for the very same thing to happen but it didn’t. Not even close, there was an actual smooth flow of traffic.

The ride came with a beautiful view of the city, as we passed the Statue of Liberty. Tourists gathered to get a picture, that was probably the biggest excitement of the ride. We exited after docking the island. It once again reminded me of an airport. It had those kinds of shops and even a welcome to Staten Island sign with huge statues of liberty for purchase. I didn’t really have a destination, just wanted to take in the scene but honestly, it was really hard to find one.

One of the things I noticed was how quiet it was, like damn near eerie.  It was a beautiful day in New York which New Yorkers typically don’t waste inside. We appreciate warm and nice days. However,  it wasn’t like that here at all, shit I didn’t even see any of the people we took the boat with, they scattered rather quickly. We walked a few blocks before we saw some life outside of cars on major roads. It was so quiet that we started a game where we counted the number of people we saw walking around. It increased in the end but it definitely took awhile.

My goal was to talk to people in the neighborhood to get their perspective of the island. There was a guy standing outside of his apartment building chatting with another life form on the planet of Staten Island. I stopped the guy as he was entering his building and learned he had lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years,  I thought, okay, this is great! He would be an awesome person to ask some questions about Staten Island but he really wasn’t a man of many words.  I asked if he had any suggestions for places to go in the area or anything touristy to do and he named Pronto Pizza and that was it. Before I could ask anything else, he quickly retreated inside.

After much exploring, we came across more life forms and shops in the area. One shop reminded me of a super old school pizzeria like “Do The Right Thing” style even with the prices to match. Visually it reminded me of a town in  Westchester, close-knit small and spread out. I felt like a tourist in my own state. It almost felt like people could tell we weren’t from Staten Island like how we peep transplants in New York.

In conclusion

We decided maybe we just weren’t in the right parts. We didn’t travel that far into the island.

The Busy Person’s Guide to Getting Back on Track

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with work, school, your relationships, family, friends, and business? Are you busy with helping your sister or girlfriend with her problems? Are you busy with driving around your best guy friend? Are you busy just doing nothing with your life? You never find time for yourself. Well join the club. As individuals, we tend to put everything and everyone before us. We put our families, the job, and our mates before us and we tend to leave ourselves last. As if we don’t matter, I am hear to tell you that you do matter!The Busy Person's Guide to Getting back on Track You Me NYCThere are so many painful experiences that can lead to a severe breakdown.  When you constantly focus on all the things that don’t make you feel whole. When you don’t focus on your true inner self. You will begin to feel it physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have a few friends who always put every single person they know ahead of them. They never focus on their career, their goals, their health or any type of aspiration. I tell them all the time, you have to focus on “YOU.” They all say the same thing, I know, I know. If you know, then why won’t you. They say everybody needs them. I told them NO everybody is taking advantage of you, even their families, coworkers, bosses and even our own children from teenagers through young adults. They walk all over them. When my friends and Associates tell me that they are exhausted. I tell them that they need a wake up call or a reality check.The Busy Person's Guide to Getting Back on Track You Me NYCOne of my Associates had a stroke, one had a mental breakdown, the other was in a abusive relationship and another tried to commit suicide. Many people are in estranged marriages that developed some unworthy feelings of low self-esteem, self pity, self doubt and no self love. I was astonished of what was happening to my friends. They felt as if they never  had a voice in this world except for over the phone. They realized that they needed to make some  major changes in their life. Trust me it was coming sooner than they anticipated. When it finally happened, they had no recollection that it would come to this point and it was affecting their health. Now my friends don’t know what else to do with their life.

Let me tell you, when you start to feel unworthy, depressed, suicidal, negative thoughts can creep in. You have to take control and learn how to contribute to pain and frustration. You as an individual have to get up, stand up, grow up and open up your soul. You have to take responsibility for your own actions. And when you don’t, It causes major health and mental issues. We have to learn how to get back on track and find out what fuels our fire.The Busy Person's Guide to Getting back on Track You Me NYCHere are few things that can help you get back on track with your life. When you are feeling down and out, depressed and stressed, unloved and unworthy. Take some time out to get to know YOU and harness your own personal power!!!

  • Listening to music is soothing, I love jazz, neo-soul and old school R & B
  • Go fishing, I heard fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies
  • Yoga and meditation are soulful ways to open up your spirit
  • Dancing, is also a fun way to unwind and loosen up those muscles
  • Journaling is a poetic way to explore your creativity through writing
  • Exercising is a good way to relieve stress
  • Take a class you’ve been meaning to explore in your career field
  • Are you a sports lover? Get some tickets to your all time favorite ball game
  • Last but not least travel to an exotic place you never been to before

The Busy Person's Guide to Getting back on Track You Me NYC

“Remember in order to change your thoughts, you can learn to change the world.”

Love & Light


Little Known Facts About Queens

Queens, a misunderstood borough, mostly because people just pretty much know this borough for three reasons, LaGuardia airport, JFK airport and Citi Field(home of the “Mets”).  However, what most people don’t know, is that the borough of Queens is named after an actual queen.  Queens is named after Queen Catherine of Branganza who was the wife of King Charles the II.  Catherine was born in Portugal and she was wed to Charles back when the British colony was established in New York.

Astoria Queens is the home of one of the world’s finest pianos.  Steinway and Sons, one of the most if not the most famous piano manufacturers calls its home there, for the past 100 years.  The first grand and upright pianos were crafted in Astoria back in 1853.  Tours are given all the time at this astonishing facility.

Famed music performers the “Ramones”, first started to rehearse in a small studio in the basement of Joey’s mom’s art gallery in Flusing.  A few other music legends  that also lived in Queens are John Williams, Tony Bennett, Simon and Garfunkel, Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley from the band “Kiss”.  Cyndi Lauper, Daniel “Dee” Snider, along with rappers and Hip Hop performers, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Nas, Nicki Minaj, LL Cool J,  and Run DMC, were residents as well.  Jazz legend Louis Armstrong called Queens home up to his last days, his house is now a museum.

With over 2 million residents, Queens is the most diverse borough out of its’ rival boroughs.  If Queens were to secede from New York City and go back to being an individual city before it joined New York City, it would be the 5th largest city in the United States.  Queens has about 400,000 less people than Chicago.  With that being said, Queens is more than just the borough that houses two of the top ten worst but not the worst airports in the country and home to the “Mets”, Queens has a very rich and dynamic demographic and quite a bit of history that was barely touched in this article.  Get out and enjoy Queens for a change maybe go to a Mets game or one of the numerous museums as well.

Flushing Meadows Park Queens