Lyte Visuals (Angela Cholmondeley AKA AC Lyte)

Native New Yorker, Angela Cholmondele AKA AC Lyte, was born April 27, 1988 to Renee Carothers and Walter Cholmondeley along with her twin brother, Walter raised in Queens and Long Island. In high school, Angela took her interest in writing by joining the poetry club and holding an internship with Vibe Magazine. Angela was later accepted into the Scripps Howard Journalism program at Hampton University, where she pursued a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Shortly after graduation, Angela bought her first camera and started exploring New York where ever she could and never looked back.Lyte Visuals You Me NYC Since then, she has been featured twice at a local gallery and is currently working on a new series combining her love of street style and landscape with the Bloom project and is a current contributor to You Me NYC. You can currently find her work via Instagram(@lytevisuals), and her contributing articles to You Me NYC.