Designer Phil Harris

Phil Harris Designs You Me NYCPhil Harris, a native of Indiana, moved to the New York metropolis where he has been an artistic designer/stylist for the past 30 years.  His creative pieces influenced by the Baroque (17th and 18th century period of art) has dual functionality – futuristic and modern. Phil specializes in garments and accessories steeped in the Afro-centric aesthetics with a futuristic attitude and direction

He is no stranger to the fashion capital of America where he organizes and participates in fashion shows in New York Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week.   Phil’s work has been featured on the cover of Fashion Avenue News, within the pages of other magazines, the New York Times and worn by the late Phyllis Hyman in many of her performances.  His attention to detail is remarkable.  His work exemplifies the ability to infuse style, fashion and functionality.Phil Harris Designs You Me NYCPhil’s inextinguishable desire for creativity, displayed in the intricacies of his work, brackets him in another echelon of hand-made jewelry and accessories.  As an innovative designer/stylist, his art work is so well crafted that it can be incorporated with clothing or worn as stand-alone pieces.  No matter the choice of the buyer, Phil’s bold pieces captivates the beholder and leaves an indelible impression on the mind of the spectator.