Star Harbor, Their Debut Album

The Sun The Moon and The Open Road - Star harbor's Debut AlbumThe Sun, The Moon & The Open Road, is the debut album of Star Harbor, a home-grown 7 piece Long Island band on December 1st 2019. The first song on the album, “Bad News on the Doorstep” is a very intense song with shades of “Alice in Chains meeting Pearl Jam” and a few other 90s bands. It brought me back to the days when “MTV” was actually cool. The chord progressions along with Dave Sacrestano’s bass-line are syncopated perfectly. Lead singer Mike Mallamo is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other so called rock band singers emulating intensity. This song along with a cup of coffee will definitely get you going in the morning.

The fourth song on the album, “Cheyenne” shows how versatile this band actually is. A country music depiction mixed with deep heartland soul at its finest. Guitarists Tom Comerford and Jason Rind come up with a series of classic licks and riffs of southern blues that are pleasing to the audio palette. It’s an impeccable blend of two of the most beloved musical styles, with unsurpassed outlaw rebellion, putting one on the run from the establishment.

Finally, the last song, “Early, One Sunday”, is a psychedelic trip through a style that rivals some of the best of the “British Invasion”, making one want to lite up and toke. All players on this song are on point. The percussion of Ken and Fred Grau are phrased in the style of some of the past masters of the craft. Truly a great way to end an excellent album.

In conclusion, the entire album is a must listen, each song is solid and the ones that I mentioned are an added bonus. What I like about this album, is that it really hits all sides of specific musical genres. From the days of listening to grunge in you parent’s house watching them shake their heads in confusion because they just couldn’t understand the trials and tribulations of teenage drama, to the more mature years of life. I really don’t dislike anything about this album at all, it’s music and message are timeless which will be enjoyed by all generations. Each song starts off cool and mellow, builds to a dramatic crescendo of epic proportions and then ends softly.

Have a listen for yourself ->Debut Album

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